Meet IPOsystem - an intelligent autonomous decision-making system that independently manages all production resources, without the participation of planners and direct supervision personnel.

in Poland
Operating at 65
factories in Poland
Every day, controlling
the work of over 14,000 employees
Generating over 50,000
operational decisions daily
Integration with any ERP system

What makes IPOsystem unique?


Innovative decision-making mechanisms supported by narrow artificial intelligence.
System operation result - autonomous decisions issued directly to production resources.
Automatic compensation of any events.
The decision is calculated and the work is issued in seconds.
Completely automated management process. The role of managers - process improvement.
Utilizing the available time of each resource to the maximum extent = companies' productivity increased by 10% - 30%.
One of the world's first cyber-physical systems

Classic planning systems

Resource scheduling algorithms.
System operation result - a production plan that supports human decision-making.
High sensitivity of systems to changing environment.
The more precise the plan, the more time it takes to calculate it.
Managers must make timely operational decisions quickly.
Losses generated by downtime and micro-downtime resulting from unforeseen situations.
Low development potential of APS systems towards cyber-physical systems.

What is an expert opinion of IPOsystem?

In case of IPOsystem, I have no doubt that it is an innovation on a global scale. It is the first decision-making system that automates the production management process. It has all the reasons to make a significant contribution to increasing the competitiveness of the Polish economy. It is a model example showing that Poles are able to create innovations that are increasingly recognized all over the world.
Prof. Michał Kleiber
Polish Academy of Sciences

Ice Group

Our company was one of the first to implement IPOsystem and now I cannot imagine operating without it. The benefits we have achieved thanks to IPOsystem include: increase in resource productivity by at least 20-25%. These data confirm the rightness of the decision to implement the system. I am convinced that the timely execution of orders without IPOsystem would be extremely difficult, if not impossible.
Mariusz Goik
General Director, Vice President of the Management Board
Zdjęcie zamieszczone dzięki uprzejmości Valvex S.A. Licencja Valvex S.A.


IPOsystem gave us, first of all, knowledge about what is happening in production and also helped in solving complicated planning problems. Thanks to IPOsystem, we know the actual use of the effective working time of individual machines, and our total productivity has improved by 15% to this day.
Piotr Kaliciński
Member of the Management Board


The most important thing for us is that IPOsystem manages production in an optimal way, thanks to which we have achieved a 25% increase in the productivity of our resources. In addition to achieving a new level of production efficiency, we constantly improve our organization, increase our sales and competitiveness based on accurate and real data from the system, and the possibility of remote work allowed us to avoid the risks associated with the pandemic.
Artur Zawadzki

Time for a breakthrough

Did you know that production employees managed on the basis of production plan waste up to 30% of their working time waiting for decisions and activities related to the organization of production? Can you afford it ?! Find out how, thanks to IPOsystem, you can now significantly improve the productivity of your company.
Our mission is to create and implement intelligent autonomous systems that independently, without the need for human participation in the area of operational management, manage the production of factories around the world.
Krzysztof Fiegler
Member of the Management Board of UIBS Teamwork
The Mint of Poland is one of the three most technologically advanced mints in the world. Its position results not only from many years of investments in the most modern production technologies, but also from the courage to implement innovative IT systems. The Mint of Poland chose IPOsystem, which revolutionized the planning and management of the company's production.

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Some of challenges faced by our clients:

  • unused potential of resources
  • untimely execution of orders
  • efficient issuance of works and reporting of work progress
  • frequent changes in production plans
  • lack of access to current and reliable production data
  • high production management costs
  • problems with managing the process and production resources


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